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Not sure what’s wrong? Get a free estimate!

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Quick Overview

We’ll figure out what’s wrong with your device for free – come to our store or mail it to us for an estimate.

  • We tell you what needs to be done for free – no diagnostic fee!
  • You get an estimate 12-48 hours after we get your device.
  • You only pay return shipping if you choose not to repair.


Come to our store and we’ll figure out what’s wrong with your machine.

We don’t charge people to ask us questions, or to provide you with an estimate of what is wrong with your laptop.

Outside New York? Mail your Macbook for a free estimate.

If you’re local, you can just walk in and we’ll give you an estimate. For those outside New York, we’d prefer to have you in our system – for organizational reasons.

You can check out here, give us a description of your problem at the end, and send us your device. Simply write the order number on the box and include a receipt, and we’ll get to work!

You don’t need to know your model number or device type to get a free estimate.

We get it, it’s confusing. Retina or classic? 4 or 4S? iPad 2 or iPad 3? Half these items look the same. If you don’t feel like figuring out what model number you have, we’ll do it for you, and let you know what you need.

Return shipping is free(via parcel post within the continental US) if you choose to go ahead with repair! If you do not wish to go ahead with repair, you would be billed shipping and handling. Do keep in mind the further away you are from our location, the more expensive this will be. 

Should you choose to have us go ahead, you will be billed when we commence our work. We have many return shipping options ranging from complimentary free shipping to Express Mail return service.

We get that there are items worth fixing .If you decline repair, you owe us nothing for our time, but paying shipping & handling if you would like the device back.

Additional Information

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