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TELEPHONE: (347) 552-2258

Not sure what’s wrong? Get a free estimate!

We'll tell you what's wrong for free. 

If you send your device to us, we'll give you a repair estimate for free, as well as give you all your options. Not everything is worth repairing, and if that is the case, we'll be upfront with you about it. 

All estimates are done on-site. 

We aren't mailing your phone, macbook, or logic board to some strange off-site facility for an estimate; it's all done here. 

If you don't wish to repair, all you pay is return shipping. 

 We don't charge you for an estimate, or for repairs we cannot complete. If we can't fix your device, you don't pay. 

Sending it in is as simple as filling out the form below and following these instructions. 

All you have to do before you send it to us is fill out the form below so we know what we're expecting from you, and how to contact you with a repair estimate. After filling this out you will be redirected to our instructions page where we tell you how to mail your device to us. It's that simple!

Important note: for phone data recovery, you MUST include your phone's passcode while describing your problem. Sending us a device does imply that you agree to our terms & conditions as outlined by clicking here.

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