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Crest CP500D ultrasonic cleaner w/ tray 1.5 gallon

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Quick Overview

Motherboards damaged by liquid & moisture often work again after being put through a Crest Ultrasonic cleaner, creating amazing revenue-generating opportunities for repair & refurbishing businesses alike. This cleaner can fit most Apple Macbook logic boards just fine as well as iPhone boards for cleaning and repair. Internal size of tank is 11.75”x 6”x6” length/width/depth. CP500 are stocked and shipped same day from our store!


The Crest CP500 series is Louis' choice ultrasonic cleaner for liquid damaged iPhone & Macbook board repair.

Ultrasonic cleaners are key to removing the corrosion & short circuits left behind by minerals on the board that occur after liquid damage. The Crest CP series cleaners do an excellent job removing corrosion left behind by even more expensive cleaners! When pitted against other cleaners: both those cheaper and those more expensive, Crest simply leaves them in the dust.

How does Crest compare to the rest?

I had opened a 2nd location a few years ago and needed to buy a second cleaner. My partner, always the contrarian, pushed us to try something new - and suggested a Branson CPX5800. Do keep in mind, Branson is a high end company; costing more than Crest. We put a board through the Branson and it came out the way you see below. Later on when I went back to my first store, I tried re-cleaning the board. I'll let the images below speak for themselves. 

I sold the CPX5800 soon thereafter for half what I bought it for; lesson learned. Now imagine; if that is what an expensive $1000+ Branson does, imagine what the cheaper ones are like!

What makes the D different/more expensive than the HT?

The HT stands for heat and timer. You can put how long the ultrasonic cleaning will last on a timer so you don't destroy the board with excessive waves, if you happen to step away from the cleaner while it is on. The heater will heat the liquid to the desired temperature; most cleaning agents like Branson EC work best around 60 celsius. D series is the digital version, meaning, instead of a knob for setting temperature and a mechanical knob-based timer, you get push buttons with a digital interface. I'd personally choose to save the $$ and get the HT version. IMO, the only benefit to the digital version, is the digital timer that can't be broken with brute force as easily as the mechanical timer knob on the HT version.

What is the point of the mesh basket? Why is it required?

The mesh basket is an absolute necesity for proper cleaning. Think of an ultrasonic cleaner as a speaker. If you put your hand directly on a speaker, is it going to sound the same as it would if you didn't? You can't push a speaker cone with force and expect it to create good sound, the same way you can't put pressure on the ultrasonic cleaner and expect it to work. The mesh basket is what the board sits in; you put the mesh basket into the cleaner before the board, so the board itself doesn't stop/distort the ultrasonic waves from creating cavitation.

If the mesh basket is required, why do you include a checkbox option so we can opt-out of receiving the basket to save money?

On eBay & Amazon, people who compete on price sell the cleaner without the basket -  which is absolute bullshit, because without the basket, it will be useless to most purchasing it. Alas, since price competition is the name of the game, I include it so people realize the difference between this listing and others - and also to inform people as to the need for the basket. If you buy this without the basket, you are throwing a lot of money into the toilet and might as well just use a $50 jewelry cleaner. 

Why buy from Rossmann's?

  • New ultrasonic direct from Crest, no refurbs or customer returns.
  • Helps support the company that brought you 100s of free instructional board repair videos.
  • Support provided by people who use Crest ultrasonics in the same motherboard repair pursuits as you.

How fast can I get one?

These cleaners ship directly from us now and ship same day!

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