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TELEPHONE: (347) 552-2258

We're a different type of mail in service center.

The buck stops here. 

Our video howtos & forum advice on component level logic board repair are followed by many technicians in the field. Other technicians frequently learn from our guides, and ask questions so they can learn. We're equipped with tools & knowhow to perform repairs most companies must refuse or outsource. This allows us to save you time & money by refurbishing components that would otherwise not be worth fixing. 

Proven track record of success. 

We are the national, mail-order based arm of Rossmann Repair Group. With six years of real business experience, a retail presence in NYC, and amazing ratings all over the web; you can trust that you are in good hands. 

Parts in stock for many jobs.

Our business is based on saving you time. Every part ordered wastes time, and your time is valuable - or else you'd have sent the laptop off to some other company with 12 week turnaround time, which is why we have a large inventory of parts right on site. LCD for a five year old Macbook Pro? Check. High side FET for 4 year old CPU power circuit? Check. We've got you covered.  

What sets apart? 

The same traits that brought Rossmann Repair to the top of our field stand true for 

  • No bureaucracy!
  • No bullshit!
  • No idiots.
  • No salespeople.

Put simply, we will work with you to find the best solution for you; but we're not reading from a script, or trying to sell you into something we wouldn't do ourselves, or something you don't need. Everyone you speak with here is someone equipped with their own brain, which is something missing from so many modern day service based businesses. 

No nonsense estimates. 

For every product line we service, we offer a free estimate. With a free estimate, you have close to nothing to lose.


We will tell you what is wrong with your laptop for free. We will tell you the cost to repair your laptop for free. You are not obligated to go ahead with repairs if cost is prohibitive to you, and we will ship your laptop back to you within the continental U.S. for a flat rate if you do not wish to repair! With such policies you have nothing to lose. 

Business service contracts. 

If your business' profitability depends on your ability to get laptop repair jobs in & out in a steady fashion, we can work with you.


We have years of repair shop experience; we understand where you're coming from, and we understand the unique difficulties you face while striving to provide good service for your customers. We will coach you on how to minimize outsourcing. When outsourcing to us is necessary, we will coach you on how to make the process as efficient as possible by minimizing standard screw-ups we see repair shops fall into on a regular basis. We offer discounts available to preferred customers - contact us to find out more!